BSS values virtues such as integrity, truthfulness and straightforwardness amongst our members, ambassadors and collaborators. We appreciate people being open and forthcoming in a professional manner, even if the news is not pleasant. This establishes trust within the organization and allows us to keep our standard of work at its maximum.


Our organization operates in English, the global business language. This allows opportunities for everyone, both local and international students, to join us and attend our events. We are proud to have a gender-diverse and multicultural Board and staff. This adds incredible value and different perspectives to our committees.


We understand that synergistic teamwork yields remarkable results. We believe in collaboration between employees internally and collaboration between other organizations/companies. Through collaboration we can achieve more and forge lasting and meaningful relationships.


In BSS we hope that each and every member strives to deliver ‘excellent’ output, meaning that they would do their absolute best to produce high quality work with utmost professionalism.

How are they connected?

Through honesty and diversity, we get better collaboration. Through better collaboration we get excellence.

How we raise funds…

Fundraising committee is responsible for the creation of revenue-generating events as well as acquiring sponsors. This revenue is kept within the organization and not distributed amongst employees or directors. We reinvest this into our formal events to keep them free for all of our ambassadors. The ambassadors are students that have bought a BSS Card and gain a range of perks which are outlined in the Ambassador section.

We chose to finance ourselves this way as the demand for informal events by the student body is large. We also believe that these fit with our mission as they allow the students to network, work on social skills and unwind after studying hard.