Our Mission


Our mission is:

“to empower proactive business-oriented students through our versatile network and events.”

We strive to apply ourselves to ensure networking between students, interaction between students and companies, and skills development.


“To become a well-established society in Brussels that enables students to acquire valuable work experience.”

The organisation goals are:


    1.   Organize formal events such as discussions, debates, business games and competitions, presentations from employees of leading companies and case studies to enable students to broaden their horizon and improve negotiation and communication skills.

2.   Create social/informal entertainment events to encourage networking and socializing outside the scope of university and to create a unifying spirit among the students in the Faculty of Economics and Business.

3.   Encourage students to actively plan and participate in events geared towards a career in a range of sectors, industries and functions.

4.   Operate as an idea-sharing platform to encourage practical learning outside the university curriculum and business idea discussions amongst entrepreneurial students.

5.   Strive to create a symbiotic relationship with the local community, business community, and the remainder of KUL Brussels.

6.   Become a well-organized society that enables students to join the committee and acquire valuable work experience.