What types of events do you organize?

We organize a variety of formal and informal activities. These include: lectures, networking events, workshops, company visits, debates, professional mock interviews, professional photoshoots and social events.

Who are the companies that the Business Student Society brings to its events?

We bring in keynote speakers from number of different positions from companies across many industries. For example, we’ve brought in HR Representatives from consultation firms, Logistics Managers from the largest brewing company and Founders of local non-profits.

What are the minimum requirements for becoming an active member of Business Student Society?

There are no requirements to apply. However, during the application process experience may play a role depending on the position you apply for. The most important factor to us though is that the candidate shows that they have the work ethic, personality, and professionalism for our organization.

What is the time commitment of an active member?

The time commitment depends on the individual. Some people may have to dedicate a lot of time and other’s might not. In the end, the student should know the effort he puts in his work will be related to the knowledge and experience he will achieve.

Can I still be an active member if I don’t speak English?

Unfortunately, we require a “working level” of English. This is because we operate fully in English.

Is this a good way to gain my first professional experience?

Our slogan is “Training Tomorrow’s Elite” which means that we want to empower those with the desire to learn. We ask that our members give their best so that we can help them improve past it. At the Business Student Society we give the students the foundation they need to launch a successful career.

Furthermore, our events give students the possibility to network and interact with the speaker(s) and upload their CV to the database of the company. We are proud to say that this has led some students to receive internship offers.

What training is provided for active members?

Depending on the position and committee the individual is member of, he or she will be exposed to a range of different functions. On top of this, they have free access to all lectures and workshops that we provide and exclusive access to those provided by our partners.

How do I apply?

BSS holds info sessions and recruitment for active members at the start of each semester. Those who decide to apply, will be asked to hand in a CV and Motivation Letter. Keep an eye on our Facebook to know when applications open. After this, there will be an interview scheduled where you will be assessed on your eligibility for Business Student Society.

What is the BSS website Copyright Policy?

All content on this website (such as text, graphics, logos, button icons and images) is the property of Business Student Society and its content suppliers. In order to use any content from this website, one must get in contact with a Board member and ask for permission.

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