To most efficiently achieve our objective, we are split into three committees each with a distinct role: Operations, Marketing and Human Resources.


The Business committee is responsible for organizing formal and informal events. Employees of leading companies help BSS to enable students to broaden their horizon. They also provide debates/case studies that improve negotiation and communication skills of the students. Another responsibility is maintaining relations with companies we’ve worked with and previous collaborators. They actively engage with the student body to find out what interests them and attempt to create events that satisfy that. Internal activities are also organised by this committee.


The Marketing committee is responsible for coordinating and producing all materials used in the promotion of Business and Fundraising events. They represent BSS on our social media platforms and serve as the face of the organization. They are also responsible for monitoring and managing data trends to better target our niche market.


The Human Resource Committee is responsible for overseeing the recruitment process within each committee, of monitoring and evaluating active member’s performance, of making sure every member is performing to the best of their ability and the society’s standards, and of organizing activities where active members are able to further develop their interpersonal skills. It is also responsible for keeping record of data trends and other important documentation.