Professionals from top tier firms are invited to share ideas, teach and inspire students as well as open them up to possible career choices. This is especially beneficial for students who are unsure in which industry they want to work.

E.g. Logistics at AB InBev, ING Bank: Cyber Security Threats, Bloomberg: The Role of Technology in Finance


Activities run by professionals with a small group of students to improve their skillset.

E.g. Lunch&Learn workshops: CV workshop, Public Speaking, The Art of Networking, Market Yourself

Company visits

We give students the opportunity to see how companies operate internally. This benefits the company too by increasing their exposure to students which attracts young talent.

E.g. Parliament visit, Audi Factory visit, Microsoft Innovation Center visit


Organized debates on set themes to do with politics, current affairs and the world economy

E.g. Debates on the Controversial Policies of Donald Trump, Brexit, Refugee Crisis

Professional Mock Interviews

We bring in interviewers from the HR department of some of the largest firms to give students a trial run with feedback on how they can improve their interview skills.

E.g. Interview Simulations w/ EY, Capgemini, Deloitte & Accenture

Professional Portrait Photoshoots

Professional portraits taken in scenic locations on campus for use as professional photos for LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

E.g. LinkedIn Photoshoots

Networking Building

At the end of lectures and workshops we give the students the opportunity to network amongst themselves and the guest lecturer/workshop coordinator. Usually the students can hand in or upload their CV to the companies’ database.

Social Events

We believe in a healthy mix of work and social life and therefore host parties and social gatherings for students before and after the exam season.

E.g. BSS Pubcrawl, Neon Party, Kisses and Bow Ties