Loyalty Card Holder

As a Loyalty Card Holder

A loyalty card can be purchased for only €10. The following are advantages that are exclusive to ambassadors:

Access to recordings of the formal events


All of our formal events will be recorded and these will be stored on the cloud, accessible by our active members and loyalty card holders for those that were not able to attend the event.

Free access to attend lectures, workshops, etc

Our mission is to empower proactive business students and we feel that giving them the tools they need for free is the best way to do that.

Discount on social event tickets

With the number of social events we put out, a Loyalty Card Holder can make back the cost of his card by claiming the discount on all of our events. This discount is lower than the one we give to other organizations.


Note: A Loyalty Card Holder can have his privileges revoked should they act unruly at events or against the prosperity of the society. (italics, do same with bottom)