Be Your Own Boss

This event is meant to give YOU a closer feel with what the mindset of an entrepreneur is and the steps you have to take to become one. You will have the chance to hear from young to experienced entrepreneurs. Who are they? Well firstly, your fellow students who are just starting a business, just like you. Secondly, the alumni of KU Leuven that already have started some successful businesses which will give you some insider advice. And last but not least a more senior speaker that is a well established entrepreneur or even investor. The event will offer the opportunity for aspiring and successful entrepreneurs to create new networks and fruitful conversations that may lead to future collaborations.

If you are eager to also network with them, there will be a reception after the event. This is your chance, so don’t miss it!

Marc Braet from INTIX.
Marie Martens from Sizable.
Anna Boroshok from Emakina.
Arne Kerst from Greenhill Capital Belgium.
Igor Jasinski from Igor Jasinski Fashion Brand.
Joel Costa-Correa & David Engelhardt from Ventseek

Date: 3rd of April

6:30PM to 8:30PM – Lecture
8:30PM to 9:00PM – Reception

Location: KUL Campus Brussels, Room 2215.

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