Creating The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

For this event, BSS and Capitant teamed up in order to help YOU create the best LinkedIn profile to impress potential employers! Nowadays, LinkedIn has become the go to online professional app so having a great profile might mean more future jobs, more business opportunities and a greater chance of entering the workforce. We want YOU to be able to have that so that is why we are doing this interactive lecture for you to learn how to create the best LinkedIn profile. The speaker, LinkedIn Campus Editor and Capitant Vice President Tino Chibebe will inspire you to refresh your LinkedIn profile with his creative and innovative thinking. What is more? At the end of the event, for only 3€ you will have the opportunity to take a professional profile picture at our photoshoot! Remember, it’s the first impression that matters!

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Date: Thursday, 28th of March 2019

Location: KUL Campus Brussels, Room: 1201

6:30-6:45 –> Interactive lecture on how to create the best profile.
6:45-7:15 –> A walk through what a perfect profile looks like.
7:15-7:30 –> Q&A.
7:30-8:00 –> Photoshoot.

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